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The Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study Kit

by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Individual Kit - $42.95 [Add Individual Kit to Cart

Individual Kit minus The Teacher Talk Advantage Book - $22.95 [Add Individual Kit minus The Teacher Talk Advantage Book to Cart]


Building Level Kit - $99.95 [Add Building Level Kit to Cart

Teacher Talk Advantage Book(s) for Building Level Kit - $15.00 per book [Add The Teacher Talk Advantage Book(s) to Cart

When ordering the Building Level Kit you have to click on the [Add Building Level Kit to Cart] link to order the Building Level Kit. Then to order the number of The Teacher Talk Advantage books you need, you have to go back and click on

[Add The Teacher Talk Advantage book(s) to Cart]. Then put the number of books that you need for your building. Once you put in the correct quantity, click on the Recalculate button. This will update your order.


This study kit includes a hardback copy of The Teacher Talk Advantage. You will have access to this The Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study web site where you can download:

  1. A copy of your workbook.
  2. 6 audio recordings by author, Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller, introducing each section of the book study, posing questions, suggesting discussion topics, and giving clarifying information.
  3. Over 300 Teacher Talk Quick Tips.

By ordering the Building Level Kit you obtain the right to copy all materials for your staff and the codes that enable your team to access the audio recordings.



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Merrill, Michigan 48637